Diversifying doctoral education

The City University of New York System has one of the most diverse student populations in American higher education. Shouldn't it have one of the most diverse faculty populations? We think so.

THE CUNY Pipeline Program breaks down barriers to graduate education so diverse CUNY students can become the next generation of teachers, researchers, and mentors.

Are you a Brainiac? Do you eat knowledge for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner? Is your idea of "light reading" a couple of academic journal articles?

You might be just what the Pipeline Program is looking for. 

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Find out more about the NYPL Schomburg-Mellon Humanities Summer Institute.


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BLOC is a collective of leaders and visionaries intently focused on empowering students to empower their communities

Our program and BLOC will be partnering to explore innovative and powerful ways to increase diversity in graduate education and the professoriate.

Check out CSURP, a 10-week summer research program similar to Pipeline but for our STEM students.